Glavon TRs - Review from a past member


Glavon TRs is one of over 50 regional groups in The TR Register. As such they are meant to represent the interests of the all TR Register members living within Gloucestershire and Avon. The reality is, however, quite different.


To be a member of the Glavon Group, firstly you need to be a member of the TR Register, then secondly you will need to pay an additional £18 per year Glavon Group membership fee. Failure to pay this additional membership means you will be deliberately blocked from any communications within the group and excluded from any group activities.


Once you pay the additional group membership fee, you will receive a monthly newsletter, which provides reports on past events and details of future events (places to meet, costs, distances etc). You will also receive email communications.

The group also uses a space within the TR Register website, but unfortunately does not publish any useful information regarding any group events via this media.


The group runs a monthly evening meet, which consists of sitting in a pub and talking to other group members.

Once a month is a Sunday meet. The calendar of events has been long established and varies little from year to year - a walk in January, a Sunday lunch in February, Stoneleigh Spares Show in March, car run in April, Wheelnuts car show in May, TR Register International event in July, Stem fair in August, Tetbury car Show in September, Castle Combe Classic event in October, Fireworks in November and Christmas meal in December. Car runs will normally be to a National Trust property (so you may also want to join that), and will involve frequent stops to toilets en route and a cream tea.

Overall impression

If you are prepared to pay the additional membership fee, that this can be a friendly group, although somewhat of a clique at its core. Average age is now between 60 and 80, so most car related activities revolve around toilet stops, eating cream teas and early nights.

After a number of years membership, I've decided to swap loyalties to the TSSC, which is cheaper, younger, and doesn't have the dictatorship clique at its core. I'll let others make up their own minds.